Since the early 1990's, environmental and retail graphic design, packaging and corporate communications have been the primary focus of my work. Being able to successfully operate within a diverse assortment of industry sectors has undoubtedly given me the opportunity to explore a wide variety of deliverables and experiences. It is within this capacity which has helped me develop a highly knowledgable background of brand development and subsequent roll-out across a multitude of media.

Establishing new and exciting brands, by creating solid integrated communication programmes, ensures a concrete basis on which companies can develop. The key issue is being able to control that brand, through both internal and external applications. By ensuring a high level of quality control, and creative interpretation of the brand message, the public perception of brand recognition is able to grow. In turn, I can ensure that every aspect of the communication initiatives are managed, strategically explored and produced to the highest level – without exception. 

I have extensive knowledge of not only integrated graphic programmes, but also customer expectations, store presence and key touch points, face to face presentations, pricing, etc. – all of which ensures that the final product meets (and exceeds) expectations. It is precisely this background that gives me the invaluable one-of-a-kind work experience, which I apply to every project.

So, to sum up, my areas of expertise are: 
1. Corporate, product and brand graphic development. 
2. Integrated communication programmes. 
3. Site-level integration placement. 
4. Product roll-out 
5. Print production management, digital final art completion, and print specifications. 
6. And of course, keeping within budget.

I'm located in midtown Toronto, and can be reached at 416.921.3003.

Colin MacFadyen RGD


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