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I’m currently working as a Creative Director for a 40-person strategic communications company in Toronto, where I spend my days bringing art to life by connecting visuals to insight.

Years of graphic design experience, nurtured through studies in B.C. and England, have brought me to Toronto where I now enjoy spending time listening to my children analyze the complexity of font design. They’re especially fond of Franklin Gothic’s lowercase ‘g’ ascender and I couldn’t be more proud.

Working collaboratively with business leaders and stakeholders, my work spans multiple industries. Today I’m busy directing strategic internal communications plans, and finding success in the creation of a single design element that elevates and delivers an effective story.

With my background heavily engrained in branding, I now work at team-level to exclusively enable brands to build, perform and engage, by establishing powerful and compelling stories, for strategically driven, integrated programmes. Being responsible for all creative content for key accounts, I work collaboratively with leaders and stakeholders, by identifying, developing and maintaining integrated brand implementation programmes across all channels.

And occasionally, when I don’t find myself exploring the intricate wonders of a brand roll-out, I can be found exploring the neighbourhoods of Toronto with my dog, friends and a well-made G&T.

I'm located in midtown Toronto, and can be reached at 416.921.3003.


Colin MacFadyen RGD


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